How has Digital Marketing for Real Estate become the New Game Changer!

Marketing for any product or service digitally has now become mandatory. With over 234 million internet users currently, the digital market has really opened up a plethora of opportunities for brands today.

Digital Marketing for real estate is the one thing that almost every real estate player or even a small real estate broker is implementing in their traditional approaches.

So why has digital marketing for real estate has become so important? Why are real estate brands and even individuals suddenly opting for digital marketing to approach or target their audience? What are the factor’s that has got this shift of traditional marketing for real estate before to digital marketing for real estate now?

Let’s get started!!

Why is Digital Marketing for Real Estate Important?

Real estate is one such industry that has really benefitted from the digital marketing wave. According to research, around 92% of potential buyers do vigorous research online before they ultimately make the purchase offline. Hence, making sure you have a strong digital marketing strategy is of the utmost importance to make your brand name stand out in the real estate industry.                      

The real estate market in India is extremely competitive. With a plethora of options and price points to choose from, home buyers are spoilt for choice. Add to that the rapidly-evolving digital tools for real estate marketing. It’s neither feasible nor practical to just rely on traditional media to reach the right audience. And just like old-world media, even new-age digital strategies needs planning and execution to target the right audience.

How to Create a Balanced Strategy in Digital Marketing for real estate?

Marketing in real estate needs sustained efforts and innovative ideas to reach out to people. Despite stiff competition and ever-growing media costs, there are some proven marketing strategies to succeed. Implementing them, you would be able to improve sales, achieve better efficiency and find that perfect balance in your real estate marketing plan.

Traditional Way

The traditional method of marketing for Real Estate businesses revolved around getting to know the neighborhood where your developmental project is coming up, interacting with the members of the community, good and old-fashioned reference system and of course having open-house days and meeting prospective clients over a cup of coffee or in your official headquarters.

All of these marketing methods sure help in closing clients and landing deals but with the fast-paced lifestyle and hectic schedule, no one has either the time, energy or extra money to spend when looking to buy a new house or property. Through the power of photographs and more specifically high-quality professional videos, people can take a look at a potential property without actually having to visit it, in person.

Prospective clients can also have a discussion with real estate agents over a quick phone-call making it cost-effective as well as efficient. The easier you make buying a property for your customers, the easier will it be to close them. While the traditional method hasn’t lost its charm, you must adopt a mix of both traditional as well as digital marketing to keep up with the changing scenario. 

Digital Way

Digital Marketing is the most powerful marketing tools in today’s highly digitalized era. Digital marketing for real estate guarantees leads generations as per your convenience and close clients more effectively with less personal efforts.  

Digital Marketing for real estate is the most effective way to communicate with your target audience, it helps you to communicate your brand story, showcase your projects and ideas & generate quality leads.

These leads are nurtured through personalization touches and eventually convert.

1. Know your Audience

Understanding your intended interest group is the fundamental and most significant advance to all showcasing endeavours. Not just will it empower you to comprehend what your potential purchasers need, yet in addition change certain parts of your item or administration to satisfy those necessities. These are the establishment ventures for Strategy for Digital Marketing for real estate as well. Continuously direct a profound exploration about your customer’s needs, likes, propensities, yearnings, challenges, way of life, and so on will help you sincerely interface with them, construct a bond, and gain their trust.

2. Professional Website

Your site is a key device for the entirety of your showcasing endeavours. It speaks to your image and its qualities, so the site needs to depict them plainly and succinctly. Guests must discover it inconceivably simple to discover data and explore through various segments. Inciting guests to make a move and mentioning to “connect” with you is additionally a compelling method to push your guests down the lead pipe.

3. Professional Photographer and Power of Video

Photos are a basic aspect of the home purchasing choice cycle. Truth be told, 90% of home purchasers accept that expertly shot photographs helped them settle on a more educated choice. Proficient photographic artists utilize progressed gear, lighting strategies, and preparing to give a completely flawless look to your homes that clients love to take a gander at before taking an official conclusion.

What’s more, as we as a whole know – “A decent picture merits a million words” Video content gives the most commitment.

Indeed, 72% of all clients want to find out about an item or administration through video. Recordings are anything but difficult to process, join the best of text, pictures, and outlines, and make it simple to devour data. Recordings are additionally valuable to your site’s SEO.

4. Importance of maintaining a Blog

Content advertising is one of the best-promoting systems in the present time, it is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing for real estate as it will help out give relevant information to the unaddressed situations as well help you rank up the search engines. Indeed, it is the embodiment of inbound promoting. Recognizing your possibility’s agony focuses, causing them to comprehend the need to take care of their concern and afterwards furnishing them with the solution(s) as the significant substance is the thing that substance promoting is about. Beginning a blog which routinely gives supportive data about the land area can be incredibly helpful for possibilities in their examination stage. After some time you can convey a great deal of significant worth, form a devoted readership base, and receive the rewards for quite a while. The key here is to reliably post new substance which helps clients with important and valuable data.

5. Client Testimonials

Potential customers trust and relate to reviews from existing customers rather than brands talking about themselves. Definitely more than any creative ad campaign you can imagine. This is one of the most important tactics and it can be communicated brilliantly with the help of digital marketing for real estate. After a successful home buying transaction with a customer, do not hesitate to ask for a positive testimonial. It could be a video, a quote or even a sound bite. Real client tributes increment your image believably and urge expected clients to buy your item.

6. Optimize for Mobile

Ever since the rapid acceptance of smartphones, the way people browse the internet has changed drastically. Contrary to what one may believe, mobile-optimized websites allow visitors to find what they need rather easily than the desktop version. People can continue their hunt for a new home at any place and at any point of time directly from their cell phones.

7. Landing Pages

A landing page is vital to all inbound & paid marketing efforts. Hence, it’s no different when it comes to marketing your real estate business. A landing page delivers precise information about your project in a systematic, efficient and easy way to the potential home buyers. A lead generation form placed strategically on the landing page will help you coax the visitors to take action, which will further help you in your email nurturing efforts later.                                                                                     This overall technique of leveraging landing pages to generate leads is one of the best strategies of digital marketing for real estate and highly effective to convert leads into customers.

How to reach out to exact target Audience

One of the best ways for targeting the intended audience in the realm of digital marketing for real estate is through Facebook Ads. You can choose from a wide range of filters and demographics to reach out to the exact people you are looking for. There are several other audience finder ads and apps that you can utilize. Using Facebook Hyper-Specific Targeting Ads, you can narrow down on the exact type of clients you want to address. You can also narrow down the search by looking at the people who use apps related to this industry such as, Mortgage Calculators, Rent a house, Property Apps and the like.

So, now that we know how digital marketing for real estate is important and what impact it creates on our target audience, let’s have a look at some successful search portals who are leveraging digital marketing for real estate at it’s best!

Top 10 Platforms Effectively Leveraging Digital Marketing for Real Estate

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