Spice Up Your Restaurant’s Digital Game (Beginner-Friendly Guide-2024!)

Quick 3-Point Guidance for Restaurants

Bring your restaurant closer to your foodie audience. Here are 3 Quick pointers that you can start with ease for restaurant digital marketing.

1. Storytelling Social Media:

Food is the foundation for so many experiences. Though one of our basic needs, it is also a way to connect family, friends & strangers. 

So start to connect with them and be part of their food tales!

Share snippets of kitchen chaos, cultural celebrations, your food, and the people who make it all happen. Make social media your canvas!

Where to start? Start with posting stories. You don’t need them to be refined. They can be anything.

Here are a few ideas for your stories!-

1. Share new recipe alert

2. Must try food suggestions from your kitchen

3. Menu combinations you love- Ex. Fav starter & soup combo!

4. Offers and discounts

5. Q&A with customers- Ex. What’s your Favorite Sunday dessert? A. Mango ice cream B. Gulab jamun ice cream.

Stories are less overwhelming because they stay only for 24 hours unless you add them to highlight & it gives fast feedback on how & what people like. 

To bring your customer to your social platform, keep a QR code standee or tent card in your restaurant & invite your consumer to join your Desi Committee.

2. Digital Presence:

Claim your spot on Google Business Listing. In the world of “OK Google!” people will search for new places to experience, and they know Google knows. So be there & keep it updated always!

Select your restaurant email ID and register your restaurant through it at Business Profile Manager in Google Tools. Further, fill in all the details as asked by Google & Verify your account to make your profile public.

And if you are already there check if you have covered all the points- who you are (about), where you are (address), what you do (menu), how to contact (phone no. or email ID)

And what to update? Post pictures of your food, festive offers & events, This week’s special & reviews.

Ask your customers for reviews in exchange for delicious sides, extra servings, or discounts the next time they visit you.

You can also run ads, but that’s something you can take once you complete all the basics.

3. Menu – Cooking Visual Feast:

On your Google listing & website ensure to add your online menu. Make your online menu a feast for the eyes. Mouth-watering images and tasty descriptions can turn a casual browser into a committed diner or add your restaurant to their “Must-try” list.

For your offline menu make it a beautiful representation of your style. As people are becoming more health conscious, mention gluten-free/ vegan/lactose-free on your food items wherever possible and required.

You can also train your server to be informed of possible nut/gluten/lactose contents of particular food so they can assist the consumer better.

Start with the basics and slowly spice up your game by binding all the little online & offline elements of your restaurants.

Remember, your restaurant isn’t just serving meals; it’s crafting memories, so make it count!

Happy Cooking & Creating!

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