Unlocking the Secret to Success using Chatbots

Why Chatbots are the Future?

Introvert or not, talking to people the major part of the day especially reiterating the same thing again and again can be tiresome and frustrating for anyone. Wouldn’t it be cool, easy and a huge time saver if someone else could do a major part of the talking with potential clients and help in closing them easily all the while spending less money?

Well in this Digital Era, you got your wish! Many times, when you visit a few websites, you must have noticed a chat box boxing up with a message: “Hey, How can I help you?” this is exactly what Chatbot Marketing is all about. 

 The Chatbots are the future as this technology will eliminate all the loopholes in the communication process.

So now that we know why chatbots are really the future let’s dive in a little more deep into Chatbot Marketing!

What Exactly is Chatbot Marketing?

A bot is simply a computer program that automates certain tasks. In the case of a chatbot, the task being automated is a 1:1 conversation with a person. These bots can use sophisticated technology like artificial intelligence and natural language processing or they can be as simple as a series of IF-THEN statements.                                                                                     

Chatbot marketing is a way to promote products and services using a chatbot — a computer application that carries conversations with users by a predetermined scenario or with the help of AI. Brands create this virtual assistant with a chatbot builder, and connect it with messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram, etc., or add to their website. Today’s high-end sophisticated chatbots can also reply with text, audio, video, images, and even GIFs.

That is cool right! You must be thinking oh wow! this is an amazing thing but why should I go for it? Let’s discuss that in detail!

Why do you need to switch to Chatbot Marketing?

There are several benefits of Chatbot Marketing. If you haven’t been utilizing this amazing, easy and economical marketing strategy, you must resort to it super soon to grow and expand your brand and business more easily. Some of the major benefits are as follows:

  • Saves time and money
  • Helps segment traffic
  • Provides a quick response
  • Speeds up the payment process
  • Fits any business
  • Boosts engagement
  • Gives data for analysis
  • Helps in lead nurturing

So let’s imagine if you get so many major benefits imagine how quickly this thing is going to become a major part of the coming future.

Let us give you a little more insights about chatbot marketing which will surely tilt your attention towards it!

How is Chatbot Marketing Used?

Chatbots have become an absolute must for brands and businesses because they don’t just help you to deal with potential clients who might be interested in your products and services but also in other important functions such as making orders, customer support, scheduling meetings, tracking orders, sharing news and updates.

If you run an E-commerce store; selling clothes, food, accessories, etc., a chatbot can be your lifesaver since it can take orders directly in the chatbot. In case a user is yet not ready to make a purchase, a chatbot can at least tighten the search before the customer finally contacts a real person to buy the products or services. A chatbot also makes for a great assistant for answering FAQs. Besides, working 24/7, the chatbot helps solve the problem of different time zones.

A chatbot may be extremely helpful for one-person brands in any industry — hair salons, fitness trainers, DJ services. You can connect it to Google Calendar, and your virtual assistant will take care of all the appointments.

A sophisticated chatbot also allows tracking of packages, while the simpler one can inform the customer about the shipping and delivery automatically. Also when people start communication with your brand or company, you can suggest that you will be providing them with the latest news: new collections of clothes, fashion shows, etc.

This can help make a customer into a lifelong loyal customer who comes back to you for your products and services. It’s all about building, maintaining and nurturing a healthy relationship between your brand and clients.

A chatbot is a great, fun and easy way to help you stay in touch with your audience and keeping people engaged and informed.

You see! how amazing is Chatbot Marketing and how it can take your business or brand to the next level! We hope that your mind is now thinking actively about how amazing this can be for you but how should you go ahead with is the next big question in your mind popping up!

Don’t worry we are not done yet, Let’s see how we can go further with it!

How to create an Effective Chatbot Marketing Strategy?

Up till now, we have learned everything we need to know about Chatbots and what are the benefits and effective uses of it.

Let us now see how we should pull up a strategy for it!

Some easy steps to create an effective chatbot strategy:

  • Research your most frequently asked questions, by asking your team.
  • Build your bot its very own conversation tree.
  • Avoid fully open-ended conversations.
  • Let people know that a human is just a step away.
  • Give your bot a voice and a warm welcome message.
  • Track the effectiveness of your bot with special UTMs and discount codes.
  • Replace your email newsletters with chatbot newsletters.
  • Send simple surveys to your contacts.
  • Enrich your bot with data and personalization.
  • Make sure to promote your chatbot so people know you have one.

As easy and convenient it is, there goes a lot in creating a good chatbot and ensuring that it is being useful and optimized to its fullest potential. You require a lot of preparation beforehand so that your created chatbot actually makes things easier for you. Starting with clear questions and having close-ended answers to potential questions and queries is a necessity.

Irrespective of the great technological strides, the society makes, a good old heart to heart bond and conversation sure has its undeniable charm. You must develop a chatbot with a warm welcome message and keep reminding the client that in case required, an actual person is just a click away to cater to their needs. Once your chatbot has been successfully implemented, you must from time to time check its effectiveness and make it better wherever and whenever required. You must also promote your chatbot so that people actually make the most and best possible use of it else all your hard work and extra efforts will go down the drain. 

Now that you’ve understood the basics of chatbot marketing and how significantly it can impact your brand and company, get to it and see your business thrive and transform!

Reach out to us to create an advanced strategy and integrations for your chatbots to harvest the maximum revenue leveraging chatbot marketing.

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