Reimaging E-Commerce & Online Shopping through AR

Augmented Reality Shopping Experiences

AR is reimaging the online shopping experience, making purchasing more inclusive for consumers. With its immersive and interactive ways, it helps to ease the shopping choices for consumers by actually experiencing the product before purchasing. Here are a few ways of how AR filters can help you 

1. Virtual Try-on

You can start by introducing and integrating your product through Instagram filters. Here, people can check them and get informed to see if & why they need it.

For example, An eyeglass brand can have its Top 5 frames as Instagram filters or a cosmetics brand may create a filter that allows users to virtually try on different shades of lipstick or eyeshadow. These filters can superimpose the products onto users’ faces or surroundings, allowing them to see how it looks in real-time. 

Once people use this filter, they can share it on their Instagram stories & feeds. You can also hype a contest to encourage customers to try on a particular filter and post it with your branded hashtag & one winner will get the product for free.

You can create filters for your newly launched product, best sellers, Brand pick, etc. 

2. Shopping Integration

Through Instagram, brands can integrate shopping links or product tags directly into the AR filter experience.

It will help people not just seamlessly try the product but proceed with the purchase from the online store. 

Through easy navigation, brands can promote conversions and sales through these filters.

3. Interactive Games and Challenges

 AR filters can gamify the Instagram experience and encourage user participation. For example, brands can develop interactive games or challenges that users can play with friends or followers. 

These games can be themed around the brand’s products or values. For example, A fashion brand can have a buddy challenge with each friend from a group to try on a similar product and dodge the shirt to another friend, providing a fun and memorable way to engage with the audience and foster community interaction.

4. Seasonal Promotions and Campaigns

E-commerce brands can use AR filters to support seasonal promotions, holidays, or special events. For example, brands can create festive-themed filters for Halloween, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day that users can use to enhance their photos and videos. 

By aligning AR filters with specific campaigns or promotions, brands can generate buzz, drive engagement, and increase brand affinity among followers.

Make the AR filters interactive and informative, and ensure they can engage and entertain your consumers. These filters can increase the buzz around your products, align this buzz with prompt consumer services, keeping a check on what is loved by your audience and what the vibe of trends is, which will guide you to the Digital success of your brand.


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