The Future of QR codes in restaurant marketing: Tips & best practices

The QR-code Masterstroke for Restaurants!

When everything is becoming super connected to the digital world, and people are getting more comfortable with online communication even in the offline world, QR code comes as a handy buddy. 

They offer contactless information, a source of clarity & ease of use even in new settings.

Let’s dive into how you can use QR codes to enhance the food experience at your restaurant:

1. Start with a Seamless Menu

A Menu QR code will help customers check out the menu on their devices quickly & seamlessly without any pressure to make quick decisions. You can place the QR code tent card on every table or at the entrance as a standee, wherever it is easily spotted & easily scanned.

2. Ordering & Payments

In addition, enabling ordering & payment from a smartphone reduces wait time & enhances convenience for both customers & restaurant staff. With one click the customer can see-decide-order-pay smoothly. 

Where to keep it? Place a QR code tent card on every table for easy usability.

3. Interactive Dining Experiences

An interactive QR code showcasing chef’s stories, cooking clips, and behind-the-scenes sourcing food ingredients would be a fun experience for customers till they wait for their food. Plus, the transparency will help consumers to trust your restaurant and feel an honest connection.  

4. Tourist Special

You can introduce tourists and even the locals to your recommended must-try things nearby through a QR code standee or creative-funky QR wall poster. This will help the tourists to get closer to your city and experience nearby attractions. It’s a way you connect with people & your unique hospitality point.

5. Loyalty program

By scanning a QR code, customers can sign up for the loyalty program, track their rewards points, and redeem exclusive offers and discounts. This will help you build a loyal customer base who will swear by your food.

6. Social media QR code

Invite people to follow your social media page, and place it at the payment counter or the most visible part of your restaurant. Tell foodies to join your food gang to learn about new recipes, season specials & offers every day!

Hospitality is still a person-to-person thing, it can’t be replaced but it can be amplified with some new twists. In today’s digital world, people tend to be more comfortable with prior online connections and gradually open up to one-to-one offline interaction. Give your consumer the comfort to open up & make them ready to try your services.

Happy serving!


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